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Backend line

Backend line is an automatic line which combines electrical parameter test of transformer and inductance components, appearance AOI inspection, laser or inject marking and packaging.


Characters and main function


◆CNC control board, industrial PC or PLC, with interface OEE system.

◆Automatically count input, output, reject rate etc.

◆Auto laoding material systems

◆Automatically electrical parameter test(high voltage, inductance, leakage inductance, turns ratio and resistance test etc;)

◆AOI system to inspect the appearance and size of products

◆System memorizes scrap and synchronous signal to scrap workstation

◆Automatically classify scrap products

◆Laser or inject marking

◆Automation product packaging



Technical data  
Size 1500X1500X1800mm
Weight 200Kg
Power AC220/60Hz
Exhausted power 9KW


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